Sunday, April 26, 2009

Has anyone else used a site called I recently have been doing some generic Google searches in my never ending search for the perfect brown flat, and noticed this site kept coming up. I assumed it was going to be an annoying site that had nothing to do with my search, but in the grand scheme I had nothing to lose, so I opened it up. Since last week, I have used this site another four times when looking for a cocktail dress and yes, more shoes (now, I'm looking for the perfect black ballet flat...a shoe girl's work is never done). I love being able to put in generic terms and getting all different kinds of options spit back out at me that actually match those terms!

Here's the basic concept: I type in "black ballet flats" and it kicks back 50 pages of all different shoes that match my description. There is a mixture of high and low end shoes and when you scroll over them (this I absolutely love) it shows you what online store you can buy them from and what sizes are available! Genius. This really could be a huge time saver when you just need to shop for some cute basics (which generally seem to be so much harder to find than they should be). The next time you are on the hunt for a particular item of clothing but have no store or brand in mind, give it a shot--the only risk you run is spending a little more than you bargained for if you find a few too many options (and to combat that, I reference you to my earlier want vs. need post)!

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