Wednesday, July 22, 2009


No, I'm completely serious--they are back. I had my first sighting of parachute pants as I walked into my office building last week. The upside is that they were black cotton rather than the insane MC Hammer type pant, but even toned down they look stupid (in my opinion). I have done a little (very little) research and realize that the resurgance of the pant has taken on a skinny look as well, and a cropped look that about 2 people in the population can successfully wear. I understand that these may be on the runways and may even be making a mainstream comeback, but I still have to ask myself what woman in her right mind wants to add volume all the way from hip to ankle and then have it all cinched in with an elastic cuff at the bottom?

Golf: Is it fashion forward or just an excuse for fancy polos?

Ok, so I have a feeling I have no readers left after a 4 month hiatus, but in case I do, here is an article I found interesting in the NY Times. The title that caught my eye was "Golfers Have Clothes Laid Out for Them" and the first thing that came to my mind was...seriously??? It is a polo shirt and pants; how difficult can that be?

What I didn't quite take into account is that pro golfers are fashion trendsetters on the course, so needless to say their sponsors want to take full advantage of that. Clothing companies like Nike and Adidas are sketching out what their athletes will wear a year in advance so they can have the items replicated and sold at each tourney! Genius.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Has anyone else used a site called I recently have been doing some generic Google searches in my never ending search for the perfect brown flat, and noticed this site kept coming up. I assumed it was going to be an annoying site that had nothing to do with my search, but in the grand scheme I had nothing to lose, so I opened it up. Since last week, I have used this site another four times when looking for a cocktail dress and yes, more shoes (now, I'm looking for the perfect black ballet flat...a shoe girl's work is never done). I love being able to put in generic terms and getting all different kinds of options spit back out at me that actually match those terms!

Here's the basic concept: I type in "black ballet flats" and it kicks back 50 pages of all different shoes that match my description. There is a mixture of high and low end shoes and when you scroll over them (this I absolutely love) it shows you what online store you can buy them from and what sizes are available! Genius. This really could be a huge time saver when you just need to shop for some cute basics (which generally seem to be so much harder to find than they should be). The next time you are on the hunt for a particular item of clothing but have no store or brand in mind, give it a shot--the only risk you run is spending a little more than you bargained for if you find a few too many options (and to combat that, I reference you to my earlier want vs. need post)!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

How short is too short?

Well, we finally enjoyed our first 70+ degree day in the city. Sadly, that will not last, but I welcomed the opportunity to break out the flip flops for their first wear of the 2009 season. Other New Yorkers took this as an opportunity to dig out tank tops, skirts, and of course, the khaki short. Which brings me to my question: How short is too short?

I feel that this should be fairly evident, but based on today's people watching that is not the case. For those of you that have sworn off shorts because frankly they aren't always the most attractive look, you may not be aware that the bermuda length and walking short have been back in style for a few years now and are a fantastic alternative to the traditional 5" inseam short. In fact, retailers are offering 4-5 different lengths to accomodate all shapes and sizes (yay)!

So, with all of this opportunity to pick the right inseam for your body, why do women insist on continuing to purchase a short that provides other people with an up close and personal view of the bottom of their cheeks (you know the ones I'm referring to). This all came up today because one minute I was walking down 6th Ave admiring a beautiful bulldog and the next his owner was walking in front of me and all I saw were shorts riding up in an unflattering way and more skin than I bargained for.

I think the answer to my question is really fairly simple. Shorts are too short when they give you a wedgie as soon as you take your first step (never attractive and honestly, I can't imagine that is terribly comfortable) and/or (I think these two issues tend to go hand in hand) when you feel that it is a bit drafty by your back end. If those two criteria aren't enough, when you try the shorts on and take a few steps, if you find yourself adjusting the legs on them (specifically pulling them down) then yes, they are too short. I think if we all keep these basic concepts in mind, we will not only look better (bonus) but also, the people walking behind us will be grateful for giving them a good view rather than an eyeful of something best kept for special occasions.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ooooh, so cute! But do I really need it???

Over the years, I have become a much better shopper and have stopped purchasing things that only look good in the skinny mirrors in the store or that are just not overly flattering (even though the sales person insists I look fantastic), but the skill to correctly distinguish buying things based on Want versus Need has continued to allude me for quite some time.

I know I can't be the only one that suffers through this internal monologue when I know I am about to buy something that is technically not absolutely necessary (you see, even now I am qualifying). And frankly, Want is very sneaky and cleverly disguises itself as Need quite often, so somehow that ridiculously cute top just ends up in a shopping bag and in my closet before I realize that I've been had. Foiled again!

However, I think I may finally have caught on to Want's little scheme and have successfully aborted its recent attempts to make its way into my slightly overfull closet. It turns out that by really thinking about whether this dress or that sweater fulfills multiple purposes in my life (instead of being a one hit wonder), I not only rid myself of buyer's remorse when I do make a purchase, but inadvertently, I have started to realize what my closet actually does or does not need to successfully work and play in my daily life. And crazy enough, giving up the items that I just Want is not nearly as hard as I thought; I feel more responsible and more in control of my buying. Sadly, I think this is some indication of growing up, but if it gets me closer to having a house with a bathroom bigger than a closet, then so be it.

And as if this breakthrough wasn't enough, there is more good news. I have discovered that I never have to go through this process when buying shoes. Shoes always fall into Need(yes, Hubby, I am serious). I need shoes to walk in and coincidentally I live in NYC, one of the biggest walking cities. Ergo, shoes are always needed (I knew that logic class would come in handy).

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I'm Baaaaaaack

Okay, so I realize I have been ridiculously inconsistent with my writing and I also realize that means my four readers may be gone for good. But in the hopes that you will all give a girl a second chance, I'm back. Now, that being said, I can't promise daily musings, but I'll certainly give it a shot.

To get back into the swing of things, I will head back to my safe place of Shoe Girl's fashion pet peeves. With summer quickly approaching, I just have to address one shoe issue before it quickly spirals out of control in the city: Socks and Sandals.

Really? Isn't the entire purpose of a sandal to allow your feet to breathe (and look pretty with a proper pedicure--another pet peeve)? If you truly feel that you need to put a sock on under your sandal, then odds are pretty good that it is not warm enough to wear said sandal. Please revert back to your boots, pumps or gymshoes (yes, I call them gymshoes).

And to take that one step further, while I do not think it becoming in any way, shape or form, I can kind of (but not really)understand the inclination to put a sock under a birkenstock or a fairly shoe like sandal (you know...the man sandal kind of thing with a heel and a toe, but holes along the side). But under a thong sandal? The little thong strap is meant to fit neatly between your toes...not to have to manuever it's way through a thick piece of fabric in order to find your toes. And how is that at all comfortable? If you don't like the feeling of the strap between your toes, a sock is not the way to combat that.

I truly do not have any intention of offending anyone, but I just do not understand the desire to mix the sock and the sandal. So, enough preaching--there really isn't much more to this argument. Just say no to socks and sandals. It is never a good idea. If you won't do it for all the Shoegirls out there, please think of your feet. They want freedom too.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Fever

One of the most painful times in New York City is the month of March. I say that not because I hold any kind of a grudge against the month, but because it is about the time that we all get Spring Fever. The first sunny day that goes remotely near 50 degrees and we are all out in the park having a picnic or walking the puppy...until we remember that 49 isn't actually all that warm. Perhaps we do still need that jacket....

But, no, we will not bow to Mother Nature. After that first hint of spring (and it tends to be a very, very subtle hint), people start to lose all common sense when getting ready in the morning. I think I saw my favorite this example of this today. A girl had on jeans...very sensible...with gladiator sandals. Yes, sandals. Today was in the 40's and rainy--while I would love to break out the flip flops, I'm thinking today might not be the day.

Maybe New Yorkers (and I have a feeling this extends to the entire Eastern Seaboard) have just built up a resilience to the elements by March. Breaking out the next season's wardrobe is the pick up we need after a long, dreary 3 months and no amount of snow can take that away. I really have no idea what it is, but right about now you can feel the entire city getting ready to rip off their winter coats and break out the grill. And after 8 years in the city, I would like nothing more than to join them.