Saturday, April 18, 2009

How short is too short?

Well, we finally enjoyed our first 70+ degree day in the city. Sadly, that will not last, but I welcomed the opportunity to break out the flip flops for their first wear of the 2009 season. Other New Yorkers took this as an opportunity to dig out tank tops, skirts, and of course, the khaki short. Which brings me to my question: How short is too short?

I feel that this should be fairly evident, but based on today's people watching that is not the case. For those of you that have sworn off shorts because frankly they aren't always the most attractive look, you may not be aware that the bermuda length and walking short have been back in style for a few years now and are a fantastic alternative to the traditional 5" inseam short. In fact, retailers are offering 4-5 different lengths to accomodate all shapes and sizes (yay)!

So, with all of this opportunity to pick the right inseam for your body, why do women insist on continuing to purchase a short that provides other people with an up close and personal view of the bottom of their cheeks (you know the ones I'm referring to). This all came up today because one minute I was walking down 6th Ave admiring a beautiful bulldog and the next his owner was walking in front of me and all I saw were shorts riding up in an unflattering way and more skin than I bargained for.

I think the answer to my question is really fairly simple. Shorts are too short when they give you a wedgie as soon as you take your first step (never attractive and honestly, I can't imagine that is terribly comfortable) and/or (I think these two issues tend to go hand in hand) when you feel that it is a bit drafty by your back end. If those two criteria aren't enough, when you try the shorts on and take a few steps, if you find yourself adjusting the legs on them (specifically pulling them down) then yes, they are too short. I think if we all keep these basic concepts in mind, we will not only look better (bonus) but also, the people walking behind us will be grateful for giving them a good view rather than an eyeful of something best kept for special occasions.

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  1. i hate shorts. i swore them off years ago and only don them if i'm going to, let's say the zoo. i'm a fan of the casual skirt myself.

    i totally agree there is way too much ass poking out of many shorts.