Thursday, April 9, 2009

I'm Baaaaaaack

Okay, so I realize I have been ridiculously inconsistent with my writing and I also realize that means my four readers may be gone for good. But in the hopes that you will all give a girl a second chance, I'm back. Now, that being said, I can't promise daily musings, but I'll certainly give it a shot.

To get back into the swing of things, I will head back to my safe place of Shoe Girl's fashion pet peeves. With summer quickly approaching, I just have to address one shoe issue before it quickly spirals out of control in the city: Socks and Sandals.

Really? Isn't the entire purpose of a sandal to allow your feet to breathe (and look pretty with a proper pedicure--another pet peeve)? If you truly feel that you need to put a sock on under your sandal, then odds are pretty good that it is not warm enough to wear said sandal. Please revert back to your boots, pumps or gymshoes (yes, I call them gymshoes).

And to take that one step further, while I do not think it becoming in any way, shape or form, I can kind of (but not really)understand the inclination to put a sock under a birkenstock or a fairly shoe like sandal (you know...the man sandal kind of thing with a heel and a toe, but holes along the side). But under a thong sandal? The little thong strap is meant to fit neatly between your toes...not to have to manuever it's way through a thick piece of fabric in order to find your toes. And how is that at all comfortable? If you don't like the feeling of the strap between your toes, a sock is not the way to combat that.

I truly do not have any intention of offending anyone, but I just do not understand the desire to mix the sock and the sandal. So, enough preaching--there really isn't much more to this argument. Just say no to socks and sandals. It is never a good idea. If you won't do it for all the Shoegirls out there, please think of your feet. They want freedom too.

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  1. here, here! when i think of socks and sandals, i think of middle-aged fat men with hairy arms eating chicken legs. possibly also sporting a fanny pack.