Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Fever

One of the most painful times in New York City is the month of March. I say that not because I hold any kind of a grudge against the month, but because it is about the time that we all get Spring Fever. The first sunny day that goes remotely near 50 degrees and we are all out in the park having a picnic or walking the puppy...until we remember that 49 isn't actually all that warm. Perhaps we do still need that jacket....

But, no, we will not bow to Mother Nature. After that first hint of spring (and it tends to be a very, very subtle hint), people start to lose all common sense when getting ready in the morning. I think I saw my favorite this example of this today. A girl had on jeans...very sensible...with gladiator sandals. Yes, sandals. Today was in the 40's and rainy--while I would love to break out the flip flops, I'm thinking today might not be the day.

Maybe New Yorkers (and I have a feeling this extends to the entire Eastern Seaboard) have just built up a resilience to the elements by March. Breaking out the next season's wardrobe is the pick up we need after a long, dreary 3 months and no amount of snow can take that away. I really have no idea what it is, but right about now you can feel the entire city getting ready to rip off their winter coats and break out the grill. And after 8 years in the city, I would like nothing more than to join them.

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