Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hot, Hot, Hot!

I met someone several years ago who gets equally as excited as I do about a beautiful bag or a to-die-for pair of shoes (maybe even more depending on the designer). So, when Molly sent over a few links with some hot shoes for the new season, I decided I had to share them! (Disclaimer: these are by no means the most reasonably priced shoes you will ever see, but they are gorgeous).

Guiseppe Zanotti Caged Ankle Boots: Yes, CAGED. I just love the name. That aside, I had not found a pair of gladiator inspired shoes that I liked in the least bit, but these just have something. It could be that silver stilletto heel...who knows. But, whatever it is, these are just some serious shoes. If anyone is actually going to spring for the bargain $875 price tag, please let me know--I'm coming to your house to try them on.

And if you need to add a little color to your spring wardrobe, try the Manolo Blahnik Dale shoe in turquoise. Now these, I just love for the whimsy of them! And honestly, what shoe girl does not wish for a Manolo Blahnik in her closet?

If turquoise isn't your color, you can always give the YSL Stud Sandal or the Lanvin Puffy Gladiator shoe a try!

Honestly, I know these are all out of our price range, but don't completely dismiss them. If you fall in love, keep your eyes open for a less expensive version--there are plenty of affordable designers who take their cue from the couture lines of the season and I have no doubt that we will see these styles in a budget friendly package!

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  1. I love this blog!!! Keep it up, I will be following faithfully to find some great buys for my spring makeover!! (Don't hold me to it)