Monday, February 9, 2009

Save in Style

My hubby and I were talking about this blog tonight and he mentioned that maybe there was something I could put up on a regular basis to help or entertain all of you, my 4 readers. His was always a political quote, but I'm thinking mine should maybe be more geared towards how we can all be stylish and save money at the same time! Thanks to the many emails I receive from my favorite stores, I will attempt to keep you up on the latest sales and specials.

Here's the rundown for this week so far:

  • Ann Taylor: 25% Off Dresses and Cardigans--Online Only

  • Ann Taylor Loft: 25% Off Spring Essentials--Online Only

  • This site seems to have a deal a day! If you are a first time buyer, they are giving you 10% off of your purchase over $100. I have really only picked coats from here, but they have super cute dresses at a variety of price points (yay spring)!

Just in case you decide to check out Ann Taylor, I got the best little cardigan there this weekend! I have the hardest time finding a cardigan the fits right and actually buttons without pulling, but this one is absolutely perfect. Click here to check it out: Ann Taylor, Item #229462. Happy shopping!


  1. what, no shopping tips for harried mothers on a budget who do most of their shopping at thrift stores? Methinks our idea of "bargain" may differ. :-)

    wv: "coctort" - legal strategy popularized by John Bobbit vs. Lorena Bobbit. ;-)

  2. Lol! I'll admit, Shoe girl and bargain shopping are not synonymous. But to be fair, I only promised savings, not bargains :)