Monday, February 9, 2009

Hello Bandolino Calling all shoe girls...check this out. I inadvertently ordered a pair of black boots this year (yes, from Piperlime) that were Bandolino. This was my first experience with the brand and they were not only affordable (I realize affordable has many connotations depending on your level of obsession, but in this case I mean affordable by a rationale person's standard), but also comfortable right from the start. Any shoe/boot that I can wear to AND from the subway as well as for a full day at the office makes me a happy woman. It's amazing how hard it actually is to find a shoe that can accomodate.

What I didn't realize is how cute and inexpensive their other shoe lines are; they have a large selection of both trendy and basic shoes all for under $60! Seriously, I love my shoes and I appreciate quality, but if I'm going to buy a pair of wedges that may only be considered "in" for a season, I don't want to spend a fortune.

After yet another good experience with a pair of dark brown heels I recently purchased, I'm heading out this weekend to add the little gem pictured above to my collection. A girl can never have enough matter what my husband says.

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  1. i *heart* bandolino. and i so want those shoes in the picture!

    my complaint against piperlime - why, oh why do they not have a wishlist???