Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Little Slice of Shoe Heaven new mecca for shoe selection. Now, I have been a Banana Republic girl for quite some time and I have to say that the addition of a shoe specific site to their family of stores a few years ago (I honestly have no idea when it came into being) was genius. Even more genius is that when you are selecting outfits on, they so nicely give you the option of finding shoes to match on Piperlime! My husband is cursing those people as we speak....

Anyway, if you are killing some time and feel the urge to do a little shoe shopping from the comfort of your couch, I highly recommend Piperlime as your first stop. Just in case you need some actual convincing to visit, here are a few reasons that Piperlime gets a Shoegirl Gold Star:

  1. Free Shipping and Free Returns--now who doesn't love that

  2. I heart their search options--not only can I search by the basics of size, color etc, but I can actually break my search into shoe use. My favorite categories are "Comfy and Cute," "At the Office" and "Real Steals." Unlike some of the competitor sites, I never feel overwhelmed with the selection because my search returned 600 pairs of shoes. You may have loved a shoe on page 10, but who can remember when you end on page 43!

  3. Rachel Zoe's Picks: Now, I don't know how many of you actually know who she is or watched her reality show (which was a little bit like watching a cranky train wreck) but, she certainly has taste. This category is a great way to get a feel for what you are going to see this season without having to read every issue of Elle. And, yes she does highlight the stunning $500 shoes, but she also has a bunch of shoes in the $100 range as well.

  4. Definitely something for everyone: The site has brands of all price ranges and styles. Anyone can shop here--particularly because of Reason #1, FREE RETURNS!

So, while you are waiting for the SuperBowl to start this lovely Sunday afternoon, take a quick peek at what's new for the season on; you just might fall in love.

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  1. One problem: this site makes it way too easy for me to spend money. Counter point: they do have some very nice discounts. Excuse me a minute: I smell smoke . . . oh, wait, that's just the hole burning in my wallet.